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Des.Kartes - Map Information Request

Please fill out the form as completely as you can. This will enable us to better understand your map request and thus respond more precisely. You can consult our mapping options page if you need help in answering any of the questions.

Thank you!

Details for hiking route(s) to be mapped

Geographic hiking area coordinates:

Can you provide us with the (approximate) latitude and longitude coordinates of a geographic rectangle (click for explanation) closely surrounding the full area where you hiked?

Date(s) and location(s) of your hike(s):

Your hiking data source:

Which of the following options are interesting for your map?

Your map coloring preferences

As noted on our map options page, you can leave the map coloring to us, and we will choose an attractive and appropriate color scheme/theme for your map. 

Please indicate whether you want to leave the choice to our expertise, or specificially prefer either a "natural" color scheme or, in alternative, some other color scheme. (If the latter, you can indicate below a preferred color ramp or just tell us which 3 colors should respresent low, medium and higher elevations--we'll take care of the rest.)